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Values and objectives

We aim to highlight the issues of diversity, gender inequality, and social mobility across the wider retirement living sector. We look at what the sector can do better to support, retain, and recruit women, while taking an intersectional approach, being conscious of the variety of elements of identity that are less privileged by society (e.g., with regards to race, sexual identity and orientation, age, disability, religion/belief).

Inclusion – We celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of all people, with a particular focus on empowering women and other underrepresented groups.


Generosity and co-operation – We believe there is room for all in the sector, that we can help each other and work together in collaboration.


Respect and empowerment – We support each other to share our unique insights, value each other’s contributions, and strive to learn from and honour different experiences.


Authenticity and openness – While ESG and diversity issues are currently being touted by all, we will be frank about bluewashing and promote genuine change across the sector, to show substantive impact.


These principles are fundamental to how we interact with all, including:

  • Each other within the organisation,

  • Our members,

  • Our allies and supporters, and

  • Across the wider sector.


What we aim to achieve for our members:


Networking and events – Deliver a calendar of informative, insightful, and entertaining events – enabling you as our member to benefit from being a part of our unique networking community.

Education and knowledge sharing – Provide information and insights to support career progression wherever you are in the sector – aiming to empower you to know your worth, grow your skills, and feel confidant to apply for positions with higher pay and greater impact.

Mentoring and support – Help you accomplish your personal goals and to remain and thrive within the sector – offering guidance through peer-to-peer support at our knowledge sharing and networking events, and through our mentoring programme.

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