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Our mentoring programme is now open for applications!

​About our mentoring programme

Supporting women working within the retirement living sector is one of WIRL's three key objectives. We want to create lasting impact on the retirement sector and to grow it by fostering the best and most diverse talent.  

With our bespoke mentoring programme, we aim to bring together the best in the industry with those who will eventually change and grow the industry for one-to-one mentoring over a six month period.  

Why seek mentoring?

Mentoring gives people a safe place to ask the questions they may not otherwise get the opportunity to, to evaluate previous scenarios and most importantly to talk to someone who has most likely been in the same situations.

If you are looking to try for a promotion, whether you have been in an uncomfortable position, and want to learn tools to deal with it in the future, or simply want to learn from those who have been there before, consider making an application.

Why mentor?

Being a mentor is incredibly rewarding by helping people grow, learn and achieve their goals. Using your skill and experience you can help people decide what type of leader they will become, how to navigate situations, and helping your mentees recognise their strength and potential.

We believe that you can create a lasting legacy by nurturing the next generation of leaders.


Application process

At this stage of our scheme, we are looking for mentees who are at a "mid-level" and already have direct reports (there will be opportunities for those at earlier stages in the future). We ask that you are prepared to commit 1-2 hours per month, along with preparatory work for sessions and are respectful of mentors' time. You will be expected to arrange meetings with your mentor and to attend those. In exchange you will benefit from the experience and guidance of a senior figure in the industry. If you would like to be mentored, please complete this short form.

If you are in a senior position and want to make an impact and become a mentor, please complete this short form. We would ask that you are able to commit 1-2 hours a month to mentoring.

The deadline for applications is 25th October.

As this is our pilot scheme, we will be matching a limited number of pairs. Don't be disappointed if you are not selected this time round, we intend to keep this rolling for some time so there will be more opportunities. In the meantime, please come along to our networking events and share ideas and questions with the warm and welcoming participants.

Not sure if this is for you? We will be hosting a speed mentoring session on 16 October (with limited availability so please keep an eye on our events page for further details) which will give you a chance to find out more and have a taste of mentoring.

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